Frequently Asked Questions

KPOC Nurse Midwives

I have heard that midwives don’t let you have an epidural and I REALLY want an epidural?

  • Here at Kaiser Orange County a majority of our patients choose an epidural for pain relief during labor. We will discuss the different pain relief options available during your stage of labor and develop a plan of care that will give you the birth experience you desire. We also have many patients that desire a natural childbirth and we can help you during your labor with suggesting position changes, walking, shower, squat bar, etc…

Will the midwife I see for during my pregnancy deliver me?

  • Here at Kaiser Orange County we have a collaborative practice with 20+ midwives. We all rotate through the hospital (either Anaheim or Irvine) for a 12 or 24 hour shift and care for and deliver any patients that come into labor and delivery during our shift. Unfortunately we can’t be “on call” for any particular patient because of how the clinic is scheduled. There is always a chance that your midwife will be working during your labor and if not, then you are in great hands with any one of the amazing midwives that practice here at Kaiser Orange County.

Do Kaiser midwives offer water births?

  • Unfortunately at this time our hospitals are not equipped to allow us to practice water births. Maybe in the future!

Does Kaiser midwives do VBAC’s (vaginal birth after c-section)?

  • We are one of the only midwifery practices in Orange County that can offer our patients the option to attempt a vaginal delivery after c-section (VBAC). Here a Kaiser Orange County we believe in a team approach working in collaboration with the midwife and nurses, and a physician if needed, to allow our patients the opportunity to attempt a VBAC. This is something that can be discussed in more detail during your pregnancy with your provider and will be evaluated when you come to the hospital in labor.
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