Your Pregnancy

One step at a time

You will need to have periodic Ob/Gyn checkups so your practitioner can make sure you and your baby stay healthy. These visits are a great time for you to ask questions. We would also like to share some valuable information with you. Please download the following files, and take a look before your prenatal visit.

Here is a timeline of what to expect at your appointments as well as a suggested schedule of prenatal classes.*

Prenatal Visits and Prenatal Classes Timeline

Download PDF in Prenatal Visits and Prenatal Classes Timeline (English) English. Requires Adobe® Reader.

* You may attend these classes in any order. Please register in advance by calling 1-833-574-2273 (833-KP-4CARE).
† These are approximate timelines and should be used as general guidelines.
‡ Shaded areas vary for each individual.

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