Your Pregnancy

One step at a time

You will need to have periodic Ob/Gyn checkups so your practitioner can make sure you and your baby stay healthy. These visits are a great time for you to ask questions. We would also like to share some valuable information with you. Please download the following files, and take a look before your prenatal visit.

This Pregnancy Roadmap will help guide you along your pregnancy journey. It contains helpful information about what to expect each visit and suggested resources to support you during this exciting time!*

Download PDF in Pregnancy Roadmap (English) English. Requires Adobe® Reader.

* You may attend these classes in any order. Please register in advance by calling 1-833-574-2273 (833-KP-4CARE).
† These are approximate timelines and should be used as general guidelines.
‡ Shaded areas vary for each individual.

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